Meet Darlin’ Records.

We are where great music, great minds and great people meet.

Ismaya has teamed up with music pioneers Double Deer and Pon Your Tone in creating your friendly record label; Darlin’ Records. The label is as warm as it sounds as one big group of friends shape Indonesia’s next big thing. 

What started as a casual banter over drinks resulted in a dream to make a sustainable music ecosystem. The major shift in Indonesia’s music industry drove this bunch in making the label the real deal – which is brilliant news for music aficionados everywhere. 

Ticking their very first to-do list is signing an Indonesian band; Barasuara, known for their 2015 album ‘Taifun’. Seeing bands like Barasuara constantly rise and supporting other local talents, Darlin’ Records is confident with the blueprint they have in tow for the industry. Musicians no longer compete with each other but rather become the pillar to each and every other musicians alike that are climbing their way to the top of the charts. Kick-starting the collaboration right, ‘Guna Manusia’ from Barasuara is now available on all digital platforms.



Listen to Kallula’s debut single now: